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Animated Parody of The Da Vinci Code

By Joshua Arnow
Created 2007-06-19 20:47

The Bio DaVersity Code [1] is an animated parody of the The Da Vinci Code. It is part of an on-line awareness campaign to alert people that we must sustain all life in order to sustain human life.

If current trends continue, half of all species of plants and animals living today may be extinct in less than 100 years. Unless halted, this catastrophic loss of biodiversity will radically alter our children's prospects for health and safety.

By all measures, its an issue which has already reached crisis proportions but has yet to reach a tipping point of public concern like global warming.
Help Create the Tipping Point! Check it out and pass it on!

-- www. daversitycode.com [2]

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