A Return to Being Human By Hardin Tibbs

April 06, 2009 - 08:18:35 PM

"This research paper proposes the concept of the ‘general ecosystem’—a novel pattern of economic and social organization based on a holistic reassessment of human needs and a reintegration of our sense of what it is to be human."

The paper begins with:

"In March 2007, the BBC broadcast in the UK a three-part documentary called The Trap1, by the controversial British film maker, Adam Curtis. Its message was that “a simplistic model of human beings as self-seeking, almost robotic, creatures” plus an overriding belief in human selfishness have created “a cage” for human beings in modern society. The documentary argued that this predicament is in part the result of a long process by which social and personal values have become dominated by reductionist thinking. The Trap was pessimistic in tone and did not offer any clear solution. The question it left open, which this paper addresses, is whether it is possible to reverse this process by establishing a basis for values that would not be reductionistic, and that would offer a way out of the present trap."

Hardin Tibbs is CEO of CEO Synthesys Strategic Consulting Limited. His work is focused on assisting organizations to move forward with confidence in an environment marked by accelerating social and technological change. This means developing the capacity for resilience and self-renewal, integrating it as a key competence in operational performance, and maintaining it over time.

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Huang Man cling to knee gets

Huang Man cling to knee gets hurt again! Trade does Or await? Silvan wolf faces face difficult choice
Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on Feburary 1, according to coverage of American FOX sports, the Bulandu that restoring actively at present - Rhea, knee got hurt again! This information is full to this sports season wounded soldier for the silvan wolf team of battalion, it is one disaster after another undoubtedly.
Because of the reason of knee the condition of an injury, rhea ever announced to retire 2010. But rested last year contest period, restore him good to choose to reappear afresh, and with silvan wolf team the autograph is made an appointment with. But because be in before season in contest,get hurt carelessly, rhea since also did not come on the stage again since November 9 last year the match. By November, his right knee accepts an operation again.
The Rhea after the operation did not abandon, he remains the same actively undertakes rehabilitation, expect to reappear at cheap nike shoes an early date. Be in nevertheless a Zhou Si when accepting FOX gymnastic to interview, because discovery restores,he divulges the case is good, because this is in the training last week,abrupt choice increases an amount, as a result right knee is twisted again.
Get hurt this to Rhea restore a circumstance to you can produce how old effect? Return unknown at present. And since him since will accepting an operation last year in November, the outside also is to his rehabilitation circumstance those who know is very little. Remember be in December when, general manager of silvan wolf group is defended greatly - card favour is accepting the between special treatment when 3 weeks ever divulging Rhea can accept by a definite date when interviewing, but did not announce specific detail.
And in this Zhou Si is accepted when interviewing, rhea is right this also the word was not carried.
"I can have attended training now. " his say, "But we can make the calendar that gives a systematization, hope I can reappear as soon as possible dozen of match. Hope I can reappear as soon as possible dozen of match..
It is reported, the ball house that training of silvan wolf team goes to via regular meeting during Rhea is being raised. According to advocate handsome Adeerman discloses, rhea did not participate in the training of team.
Already passed as leg half, the information that adds Rhea to get hurt again comes out, this sports season sees he is new the opportunity of go into battle of a suit of armour may have been very little. Do not cross Rhea and did not think too far.
"What to produce to was not met, I do not know, " his say, "But I can continue hard to restore, train hard. Train hard..
Be aimed at Rhea's current condition, next plans of silvan wolf team are not clear still. The pay on collect Yi contract has this sports season only this part is ensured, because team of this forest wolf can choose pass brushstroke to hand in manageability to drop his contract, perhaps await Rhea to reappear afresh.
To Rhea character, he can choose to continue hard, because he does not have the plan that abandon, he is in no less than of the respecting in interviewing: "I am the clearest the state of own knee. "I am the clearest the state of own knee..
As trade the drawing near of date of expiration, perhaps arrived to be awaited in those days, everything will see reason.
(Luo Sen)