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New Vertical Axis Wind turbine promises a "Quiet Revolution"

By Joshua Arnow
Created 2006-03-13 04:00

Elegant looking indeed, but what will make this vertical wind turbine perform any diffferent than other vertical axis sytems that have apperared over the years, only to receed quietly into obscurity. Common knowledge says that energy output per dollar invested cannot compare to the advanced horizontal turbines that are spreading like wildfire. But according to Treehugger [1], the UK company called Quiet revolution LTD [2] might be offering something revolutionary -- at least interms of simplicity of design (very few moving parts result in vibration free and virtually silent operation) and double-duty functionality by integrating LED lighting in the blades to provide decorative lighting or even messaging. The product was developed by XC02 [3], an appropriate name for an engineering and design studio dedicated to providing low-corbon solutions in the built environment.

According to Treehugger:

Trials were carried out at the end of last year and with the results XCO2 say that the Quiet Revolution will be capable of producing 10,000 kWh per year based on an average wind speed of 5.8 m/s. "If you had two of them that would satisfy the 10% renewable energy requirement for a 1200 square-metre office building," says their marketing director Julia Grove.

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