Month of December, 2008

New Design for Wind Turbine Could Generate Electricity at 1/2 the Cost of Conventional Turbines

December 26, 2008 - 11:15:14 PM


Credit: FloDesign Wind Turbine

FloDesign Wind Turbine, has developed a wind turbine that could generate electricity at half the cost of conventional turbines.

The company recently raised $6 million in its first round of venture financing and has announced partnerships with wind-farm developers.

The company's design, which draws on technology developed for jet engines, circumvents a fundamental limit to conventional wind turbines. 

Video by FloDesign Wind Turbine

Typically, as wind approaches a turbine, almost half of the air is forced around the blades rather than through them, and the energy in that deflected wind is lost. At best, traditional wind turbines capture only 59.3 percent of the energy in wind, a value called the Betz limit.

FloDesign surrounds its wind-turbine blades with a shroud that directs air through the blades and speeds it up, which increases power production. The new design generates as much power as a conventional wind turbine with blades twice as big in diameter. The smaller blade size and other factors allow the new turbines to be packed closer together than conventional turbines, increasing the amount of power that can be generated per acre of land.  READ MORE »

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Portugal Launches First Commercial Scale Wave Energy Farm

December 26, 2008 - 11:25:46 PM

Pelamis Wave Power Ltd.  (PWP) is the manufacturer of The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter, a unique system that generates renewable electricity from ocean waves.
It is the result of many years of engineering development by PWP and according to PWP is the world’s first commercial scale machine to generate electricity into the grid from offshore wave energy. And "Aguçadoura" is the first wave farm to reach commercial scale. The project is located  5km off the Atlantic coastline of northern Portugal (substation at Aguçadoura) and was developed for Enersis / Babcock & Brown.

The fully operational wave farm consists of three P1-A Pelamis machines with a generating capacity of 2.25 MW (3 x 750kW) which according to Alternative Energy News will produce enough energy to power 1500 homes at peak hours.  READ MORE »

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