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July 17, 2007 - 09:50:52 PM


"If success or failure of the planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do ... How would I be? What would I do?" — R. Buckminster Fuller

JULY 12th, 2007, NEW YORK CITY — On the occasion of the 112th birthday of one of the 20th century's most prescient futurists and global thinkers, The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) announces the launch of the first annual BUCKMINSTER FULLER CHALLENGE.

Established to catalyze the vanguard of a global design revolution, the Challenge will award a single $100,000 prize annually to support the development and implementation of a solution with significant potential to solve the world's most pressing problems in the shortest possible time while enhancing the Earth's ecological integrity.  READ MORE »

Leonardo DiCaprio's Film : THE 11th HOUR opens in August

July 27, 2007 - 02:53:32 PM

With the help of over fifty of the world's most prominent thinkers and activists, including reformer Mikhail Gorbachev, physicist Stephen Hawking, and Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai, “The 11th Hour” documents the grave problems facing the planet's life systems. Global warming, deforestation, mass species extinction, and depletion of the oceans' habitats are all addressed.

However, the most powerful element of “The 11th Hour” is not a portrait of a planet in crisis, but an offering of hope and solutions. The film ends with a call for restorative action through reshaping human activity.

“The 11th Hour” is opening on August 17th in New York and Los Angeles. On the 24th it opens in other cities, and in the following weeks across the country. It would be great if you could go see it and bring a friend. You can go to to get more information on the movie and when it will play near you.

We need the message of this movie to hit as far and wide as possible.The hope is us. Let's begin. Thank You, Leonardo DiCaprio

Please take a look at the trailer here:  READ MORE »

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Carbon Nanotubes Combined with Buckyballs Produce Cheap Solar Cells

July 27, 2007 - 06:14:52 PM

Researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have developed an inexpensive solar cell that can be painted or printed on flexible plastic sheets. "The process is simple," said lead researcher and author Somenath Mitra, PhD, professor and acting chair of NJIT's Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. "Someday homeowners will even be able to print sheets of these solar cells with inexpensive home-based inkjet printers. Consumers can then slap the finished product on a wall, roof or billboard to create their own power stations."

Via: Reality Sandwich at -- Above Excerpted from Science Daily at  READ MORE »

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Solar Cells using Synthetic Light Harvesting Pigments Function Well in Low Light

July 29, 2007 - 12:15:42 AM

Dr. Wayne Campbell.
(Credit: Image courtesy of Massey University)


Solar cell technology developed by New Zealand's Massey University’s Nanomaterials Research Centre will enable New Zealanders to generate electricity from sunlight at a 10th of the cost of current silicon-based photo-electric solar cells.

The synthetic dyes are made from simple organic compounds closely related to those found in nature. The green dye is synthetic chlorophyll derived from the light-harvesting pigment plants use for photosynthesis.  READ MORE »

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